Holy Steppin Lyrics

EmanuelDaProphet - Holy Steppin (Lyrics)
EmanuelDaProphet - Holy Steppin (Lyrics)
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Lord took the blindfold off my eyes, I can see now.
It’s the last days,you don’t wanna change? I can’t see how.
Ballin out for Christ I got a soul He caught a rebound.
When the Holy Spirit hit your body you’re going to speak out.
About to throw a sign on my head.
Demons keep out.
Ain’t no time to play they out here lost I gotta reach out.
God doing some real things here,
Ain’t gotta seek clout.
Can’t be out here disobeying God he give out beat downs.
The Lord saved me from some situations I can’t keep count.
So He used me as a demonstration. You can be found.
When you’re in my presence ain’t no faking I can see clowns.
I can tell you when the spirit talking, hear me deep down.
God took me right out of my sins I can’t go back.
Holy stepping gave me real knowledge you can soak that.
Thank God He gave me good life and brought hope back.
Big stepping on the devils head got my toe fat.
They said I grew up in the church I should’ve known better.
But God had to write my story this is a new letter.
Yeah I got popped up in a leg I was in a newsletter.
Thank God I’m here and not dead, Lord you too clever.
Woke up and said a good prayer before I changed my clothes, thank God for breathing good air because he made me whole.
I remember doing bad but now I’m good because he saved my soul.
Came a long way from in the hood I had to end that note.
Because all these killers in the street know it ain’t no game.
Listen to me. If you want some peace, you better make that change.
And I done walked through the storm but I thank my pains.
Thank God that He wrapped his good arms right around my brain.
Talk about some blessings of the Lord I done seen many.
I was down He blessed me with some bread like I feed pigeons.
By the good grace he washed my sins like clean linen.
I be stepping for the good kingdom because His team winning.

You know He saved my life. You know I gotta lead out with a prayer before I end my night.
I hope you’re really listen to what I’m saying. Because it will save yo life.
The world full of sin, ain’t no playin and ain’t nothing nice.
The Lord gave me good direction I had to listen to Him.
Literally put down my weapons had to give in to Him.
Literally changed my whole life, now ask me how I do it.
And now I’m big holy stepping like there ain’t nothing to it.
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