Pozo Seco Singers Time

The Pozo-Seco Singers - Time  [HD]
The Pozo-Seco Singers - Time  [HD]
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Time (Singers: The Pozo-Seco Singers)

Some people run, some people crawl
Some people don't even move at all
Some roads lead forward, some roads lead back
Some roads are bathed in light, some wrapped in fearful black

Time, oh time, where did you go?
Time, oh good, good time, where did you go?

Some people never get, some never give
Some people never die, and some never live
Some folks treat me mean, some treat me kind
Most folks just go their way, don't pay me any mind

Time, oh time, where did you go?
Time, oh good, good time, where did you go?

Sometimes I'm satisfied, sometimes I'm not
Sometimes my face is cold, sometimes it's hot
Sunset, I laugh
Sunrise, I cry
At midnight, I'm in between and wondering why

Time, oh time, where did you go?
Time, oh good, good time, where did you go?

Songwriter: Michael Merchant
© Regent Music Corporation, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
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Wikipedia states:

The Pozo-Seco Singers were an American folk music band that experienced national commercial success during the 1960s. They are perhaps best known for the hit, "Time," and as the launching pad for Don Williams' music career.

In the early 1960s, Don Williams and Lofton Kline performed together in the Corpus Christi area as a duo called The Strangers Two. At the same time, Susan Taylor was a student at W.B. Ray High School who had performed with a group of musicians known as the Corpus Christi Folk Music Society. Taylor began a musical association with another student, Michael Merchant. In the fall of 1964, Merchant headed off to college, leaving Taylor behind to start her senior year of high school. Taylor met Williams and Kline when the latter were performing at a hootenanny at Del Mar College. Learning that they had compatible musical tastes and harmonized well, they decided to form a trio. Inspired by an oil field term denoting a dry well (Taylor's then-boyfriend was a geologist), they called themselves the "Pozo-Seco Singers."